Code Composer Studio 3.3 project file question .jt CCS CCStudio

Started by June 12, 2009
Hi all,

I have a specific question about adding source files to a project. I have two projects that I want to merge together. The files they must include are located in different directories, but have the same names, just a bit different. For example project one has a file named boot.c and project two has a file named Boot.c. I cannot change the names of the files and I have to merge both into one project. I've tried to edit the project file like this:


[Source Files]

["project_slide\source\boot.c" Settings: "Rotate"]

["project_rotate\source\Boot.c" Settings: "Slide"]

As you may have guessed, it didn't work... Is there a work around where I can make the Source folder case-sensitive? Or perhaps dynamically build the configuration each time without it automatically searching for and loading .h files? I’m stuck because boot.c is loaded and then when it comes time to load Boot.c, CCS already believes that it was loaded in to the current project… =(

Thanks for reading and any suggestion would be appreciated. I know the easiest way would be to rename the files, but that requires far too much paperwork.