Started by sr_gamer July 23, 2009
I've tried a variety of things with flashburn to write to my ezDSP 2808 via jtag via the blackhawk usb2000 controller.

BlackHawk provides BHFlashBurn for this purpose..

I've tried things like:
@rem @path %path%;c:\progra~1\Blackhawk\flashburn_v3\bin\

bhflashburn -d -f lf28xx.dat -p0x0 -r -e -cx30x6 c:\progra~1\blackhawk\flashburn_v3\bin\flash28xx\algorithms\2812\flashapiinterface2812v2_10.out

@rem erasing flash
@rem BHflashburn.exe -f lf28xx.dat -d -p0x0 -e -c30x6 debug\example.out

@rem erasing flash -q option
@rem bhflashburn -q- -f lf28xx.dat -d -e -c30x6 debug\example.out

@rem Programming f28xx flash
@rem bhflashburn -f lf28xx.dat -d -v -c30x6 c:\progra~1\Blackhawk\flashburn_v3\bin\flash28xx\algorithms\2812\flashAPIInterface2812V2_10.out debug\example.out

which give me things like:
C:\home\BLACKH~1\example>bhflashburn -d -f lf28xx.dat -p0x0 -r -e -cx30x6 c:\progra~1\blackhawk\flashburn_v3\bin\flash28xx\algorithms\2812\flashapiinterface2812v2_10.out
Opening driver '', dat-file 'lf28xx.dat', port 0, target 0
Error: gti_api::open failed, code 0