Turn off BIOS

Started by AjW March 13, 2001

I'm fairly new to this DSP programming thing. We have an application that
will record and store large amounts of data coming in from external memory
locations in real time. This data can be processed to some extent by the
DSP, but ultimately has to be shifted to the host PC for analysis.

So Im thinking something along the lines of - using CCS/XDS510PP in the
development of the program, EDMA/RTDX via the (other) parallel port for the
host PC interface. Ive avoided HPI as it halts the processor and we'll miss
incoming data.

To use the Chip Support Library I need to use DSP/BIOS, right? But my
program isnt exactly huge and doesnt really warrant using DSP/BIOS ticking
over in the background taking up space and time. So can I use DSP/BIOS and
the CSL in Code Composer to set up my program/interrupts/EDMA/RTDX and then
switch off the DSP/BIOS to just leave my core program running?

Thanks for any help


(Running latest CCS6000 1.2/JTAG XDS510PP/C6711DSK under Win98)