Unable to load program on to EVM target

Started by jrao09 February 13, 2002
Hi Friends,

I am using OMAP Code Composer studio 2.0 and DSC21 EVM board.

I have a problem loading the program on to the target board.

Following is the Error message

"Data Verification failed at address ...." "...." is the address
which I specify for the ".text" portion. and this error comes
irrespective of the address I specify for the purpose.

If I ignore the message and proceed, it finally gives the following
error message
"Trouble Writing Target CPU memory: Cannot set/verify breakpoint at
Can't Remove Breakpoint: Cannot set/verify breakpoint at 0x800346C"

I have defined the memory exactly as specified in the documentation.

Can any one help me out on this

Jogeswara Rao


I am interested to know whether there are any special requirements
(standards) for DSP projects, concerning documenting the source,
implementation, algorithms. If there are standards, I would like to
know what these standards are, as well as where I can find more about
them (I know IEEE1016).

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