DSP/BIOS bridge StrmCopy example

Started by cdsymak September 18, 2002
Hello everyone,

I am currently working on an OMAP EVM and I need the ARM and DSP to
communicate via DSP/BIOS bridge (the ARM runs Symbian). I installed
the customization kit for the platform, and I tried to run the
StrmCopy example provided together with the BSP, unfortunately the
DSP project does not compile correctly, there are errors in one file
automatically generated by the DSP/BIOS config.. Has any of you
succesfully run this example ? Does anyone have a clue on what's
wrong ? .. maybe I should give more details on the context : the OMAP
is an OMAP1510 which runs well using CCS2.0 (or 2.1 which I am using
now), the ARM runs Symbian 6.1 and the bsp I have is version 0.89.

Maybe someone has another example program which I could try to check
that my installation/tools/gel files/platform/ etc... are OK.

Thanks a lot in advance,