Does anyone know anything about the Code Composer Studio SDK???

Started by Quang Thai November 1, 2002
Hi everyone,

I am trying out an RTDX tutorial that was downloaded from the TI web site
(spra744.pdf). One of the requirements for this tutorial is that I need to have
the following:

- TI Code Composer Studio for Microsoft Windows (version 2.0 or greater)

- TI Code Composer Studio Software Development Kit (SDK)

Does anyone know exactly what the "SDK" is referring to, because it is listed
clearly as a separate requirement to the CCS itself. Furthermore, the tutorial
requires me to include some library files, CC_Automation.lib and
CC_Automation.h, which apparently come with the SDK installation. I can't find
these anywhere on my hard disk.

Can someone point me in the right direction? Is the SDK something separate that
I have to install? Where can I get it?

Thanks in advance,