CC and JTAG with other devices in the scan chain

Started by Arius - Rick Collins May 29, 2003
The JTAG port is used both for debugging software in development and for
boundary scan hardware test in production. Most of the PLD vendors provide
support in their programming software for other devices in the scan
chain. But I have received mixed advice on putting TI DSPs in a scan chain
with other devices. TI has lots of literature saying you can do this and
Code Composer seems to offer support for this. But when I asked TI support
about it, they said they don't advise you to try it, but to put the DSP on
its own JTAG port with no other devices.

Seems TI can't make up its mind about whether or not they wish to support
JTAG for boundary scan. Anyone have any experience with this? Have you
used TI DSPs in a scan chain with other devices such as FPGAs and MCUs? Rick Collins
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