Re: [c6x] program not stable

Started by Jeff Brower April 19, 2004
Yong Yang-

> I am using TI DM642 to develop a video codec. I need to communicate with PC to
> read/write encoded or decoded video stream via USB JTAG or TCP/IP Ethernet.
> Sometimes my program runs very well. But sometimes it does not run correctly,
> problems such as TCP connection fails, or the encoded file written to PC hard
> via JTAG can not be decoded. I always spend lots of time to reset the DSP
> restart the PC or reload the program to get it run correctly. It seems my
> on DSP is not stable at all. However, my codec has no problem at all on
> Visual C++ platform before ported to DSP. Any possible reasons for it? Hope
> can answer.

That's a very general question. You will have to dive in and debug at a low
level --
the nature of embedded system vs. PC.

My first suggestion is to take the codec and TCP/IP out of the loop: just video
in, do something simple like reduce to b/w image, transfer to host PC over JTAG,
store to file. Can you get that to work reliably?

Once you have 100% repeatable code (runs same way every time) then start putting
things back in. You will find the bug(s).