Re: Slow data transfer using RTDX

Started by Danang Suharno December 16, 2000

Hendryk Budhi Nugraha wrote:

> Hi folks,
> I am trying to transfer data from DSK board TMS320C5402 to PC host and
> back to DSK using RTDX. I've got it all work but the data transfer is very
> slow. It took 29500 ms to transfer 50 times of 192 data (16 bit) = 590 for
> each transfer. I can say that I can have only 5206 kbps, which is very
> slow. It took only 5.6 ms to send 192 data (16 bit) from PC host to DSK.

Yes....Windows 98 is sucks that's why I never use Win98. Win97 should be
in port access etc. >
> I am using Visual C++ 6.0. I got the time profile from Visual C++. The
> slowest part is calling GotoNextMsg, which is 580 ms for each transfer.
> Anyone know how can I speed up data transfer from DSK to PC host ?

Are you sure if the speed is getting faster then you won't loose any data in
I am using Visual C++ too for Low Level Programming but I never impressed by
it's speed
of code optimization or byte alligment.
Are your code MFC extensive (Doc/View architecture) ?

> My PC configuration is :
> Mainboard : DFI K6BV3+ with 1 MB cache
> Processor : AMD K6-2 400 MHz
> Memory : SDRAM 64 MB @ 100 MHz
> Hardisk : 8.4 GB, Quantum
> I am using Windows98 operating system with Code Composer C5000 ver. 1.21
> connect to DSK using XDS510PP.

Try to use Win97 if you do not really need AGP function and Code in pure
assembly! Danang Suharno
Software Engineer
Technology Division
PT eLinux Teknologi Indonesia

> Best regards,
> Hendryk Budhi Nugraha
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The only way to speed-up the transfer is to use a dual Pentium PC.
This is not a limitation of the RTDX. It is a limitation of the COM
interface of CCS.
From my investigation CCS seams to be a single thread application with a lot
of overhead (pooling the RTDX H/W).
When I use a PC with only one Pentium Pro at 300 MHz I get maximum 20
But if I switch to a dual Pentium ||| 500MHz PC I get a maximum of 150

As you can see the faster PC you have the faster transfer you get (you can
find this note in the RTDX online help).
This is the Real Time Data Exchange in the understanding of CCS designers.

Good luck,
Iulian Stoica