Using RTDX with the F2812 C/C++ header/peripheral example files

Started by October 5, 2007

I've been trying to create a program that sends the result of an AD conversion to my PC using RTDX (it's the first I use it).

I have modified the adc_soc example project with same code (t2h.c, except TARGET_INITIALIZE();) from the rtdx tutorial. The first time I send a data, I can see it on my PC, but the DSP hangs on the following line: while ( RTDX_writing != NULL ) I think it might be an interrupt problem: I am using .cmd files provided by the F2812 C/C++ header/peripheral example files with few modifications as follow. I added rtdx_test, rtdx_data to sections and i masked the DATALOG interrupt as, _RTDX_interrupt_mask = ~0x4000; After all this the program does not works. If any one having experience in using this, I appreciate your help.

Many thanks in advance