Reg: EVM and ADC

Started by abdul salam December 26, 2007

i am using dsp tmsc320f2812, i had one doubt regarding the
ADC and EVM i.e., how can we use the EVM with ADC. in my application i need to trigger an single phase inverter using pwm signals of EVM. i
wrote some code to evaluate my algorithm. but i had doubt that will it
work or not? how can i cross check each step of my code? coming to the
point, in my application i used the ADC ISR, in that routine i will
read the analog signals and then call the ev_pwm function in which i
will enable all registers and get the pwm pulses for every pwm
reloaded value in compare register. will it work or i had to use some
other interupts in the ev_pwm function, to function it properly. i had
taken the ev_pwm function from the example from the TI f2812 examples.
one more doubt from ADC, what is SHCLK (sample hold clock) in ADC, how
to get it? i did not understand this SHCLK, how to determine my this?
in my application i need to sample two signals one at 100microseconds
another at 200microseconds. how to sample these signals, whether i had
to use the same sequencer (seq1 or seq1 and seq2) ? can you plz help
me regarding this. any help here is highly appreciable.

Thanking you sir,