Urgent help required - ACPY3 DMA on CCS 3.3.79

Started by padmaramuni August 5, 2008

I was working with CCS 3.3.38 for my video decoder development on DM6446
using simulator. As I was facing some issues in using ACPY3 for one of my
DMA transfers, I had upgraded my CCS 3.3.38 to 3.3.79 with CCS Service
Release 9 from TI website.

Now after updating to this version (3.3.79), my decoder is not working
any kind of DMA trasfers using ACPY3. The decoder hangs in ACPY3_Wait
for the cases which CCS 3.3.38 was able to pass.

Let me know if i need to use new versions of Code generation tools/DSP
or new ACPY3/DMAN3 libs to resolve this issue?