visualDSP++ loader file

Started by abasili October 22, 2008
Hi everyone, I'm using a VisualDSP++ 3.5 to develop some software for an 
Before starting to develop any software I need a way to load it into my 
target without the use of an EZ-Ice and I have to go through a 
spacewire-like protocol in order to program the FLASH.

My system has already a "built-in" software which will allow me to write 
and erase the flash memory without any problem.

I thought it would have been easy to get the Intel hex format file to be 
loaded in the flash, but unfortunately I don't know why I'm not able to 
set the Project Type to "DSP loader file", which is the way it is 
explained in the loader manual (loader_manual_16bits_dsp.pdf, pag. 23).
Apparently my only options are:

- dsp executable file
- dsp library file
- dsp object file
- splitter file
- vcse component library

So far we have use the dsp executable file and then through the ez-ice 
loaded it into the target.
I know there is a command line approach but i would have preferred to 
have everything done with the IDDE.

Thanks a lot in advance for any suggestion or advice,