Host application without CCS in DSK6416

Started by Hamid March 29, 2004
Hi all

I have a DSK 6416 , before I asked for a way to load a COFF file to
the DSK 6416 without CCS but I didn't get much help, basically I was
asking to see if there is a HPI library provided with DSK6416 as it is
with some other DSKs.

I will be gratefull if anybody is aware of any library or any method.

If not , imagine to have a program running in DSK(from Flash) without
CCS , how can I read or write data to the memory without CCS in
DSK6416, is it possible to do it with RTDX.

Thanks in advance : Hamid
Hello Hamid,

> ... but I didn't get much help, ...
The reason for that was that your question was not clear. You think of what you want but you don't write it. As I suppose you want to load a program over the USB port to the dsk board over the 320DA250 with a tool supplied by TI. But that has nothing to do with HPI. HPI of your DSK6416 is connected to an available daughter board connector ... There are a lot of ways to read or write data to the memory without CCS in DSK6416 but which way do you want to use ? Clear questions -> clear answers. Wolfgang