Goertzel Algorithm

Started by mahsad August 24, 2009
On Mon, 24 Aug 2009 04:33:19 -0700 (PDT), Rune Allnor
<> wrote:

>On 24 Aug, 13:16, "mahsad" <> wrote: >> Hello, >> I am implementing DTMF detection using Goertzel Algorithm >> this is my program on C54x; >... >> but this program doesn't detect freguency more than >> 697 Hz,only 697 Hz & 1209 Hz can be detect. >> why this Goertzel Algorithm is correct >> but result doesn't correct! > >First of all, I hate reading other people's code. >Never post that much code unless it's absolutely necessary >(which means that somebody asked to see it).
You may not like it, but others that are trying to implement similar functionality, or just starting out, probably would appreciate it (even if it's not working). It wasn't 'that much' code anyhow, although all that test data probably wasn't needed.