Re: OT: The Truth About Predator Drones

Started by krw December 18, 2009
On 1/5/2010 1:40 PM, Brad Allen wrote:
> In article<9vwXm.36095$gd1.29445@newsfe05.iad>, > Eric Jacobsen<> wrote: > > " Maintaining synchronization down in that mud is a whole 'nuther > " issue, and satellite transponder bandwidth is expensive enough that > " it's very rare to see codes lower than R = 1/2. > > Not everyone has to have lower codes at the same time; priority and > conditions. Conditions can be automated; priority obviously has > administration overhead that is untrivial but could be done. Start > with conditions and see if excellent priority administration is still > needed (beyond some rudimentary defaults).
It sounds to me like you're confusing link budget and QoS. -- Eric Jacobsen Minister of Algorithms Abineau Communications