Control System: Routh-Hurwitz Stability Criterion with GUI MATLAB V2.9

Started by amin February 1, 2010
This GUI Solve Routh-Hurwitz Stability Criterion even if all element
row or first element of row is zero(0)

***************************new features***************************
**1-display result in listbox (if equation is very big==> no problem
  because listbox have slider to see all part of string)**

***2-change own row color(first element & all elements zero)***

3-specify row color voluntary

4-plot singular value & nichols diagram

5-plot with LTI Viewer of MATLAB

6-in Z_plane diagram if repeated poles or zeros be exist then those
  show with star for poles & diamond for zeros

7-if equation have power >=10 then title of each plot correct with
  titgen.m function

8-correct some small problem

--------------------------future release--------------------------
specify upper & lower limit of Gain(k) for stability system.


1-Calculate exactly
      similar project cant solve accurate Routh-Hurwitz Stability
      for example this equation [1 1 3 3 3 2 1] have all element and
      element zero simultaneity and i test any project and none solve

2-Determine where first element or all element is zero graphically
      similar project show this with text and confuse us

3-Factor s=0 roots
      similar project dont have this feature . This gui factor s=0
      and solve Routh-Hurwitz Stability Criterion

4-display number of roots
      this gui show number of
         4-1-repeated roots on jw axis
         4-2-left half plane roots
         4-3-roots on jw axis
         4-4-right half plane roots
         4-5-number of center roots(s=0) that factor from input
         4-6-number of repeated center roots(s=0) that factor from
input equation

5-display result
   5-1-unstable system
   5-2-boundary stable system
   5-3-stable system
note: s=0 roots that factor in input equation affect on result

6-Save table of Routh-Hurwitz
      you can save table of Routh-Hurwitz in .mat format for future

7-Color Scheme(beautiful)
      you can change Color Scheme of this GUI

8-Solve Equation
      you can obtain roots of input equation with this
note: s=0 roots that factor in input equation appear here

9-step & Impulse Response
      you can plot step & impulse response by determine numerator
      and denominator of transfer function .
      default numerator is [1] and default denominator is poly
      state of input equation
note: if number of zeros greater than poles then gui give error

10- Z_plane Diagram
      you can see Z_plane(place of zeros & Poles) in the figure

11-Root Locus & Nyquist & Bode Diagram
      you can see above diagram by determine numerator & denominator
      of transfer function be similar to section 9

12-support 2 Language
      English & Farsi

      this gui have 4 example for help you

14-Internal Help
      this gui have internal help in html format

15-user freindly
      everywhere you have mistake gui help you with messages

for run this gui open matlab and run Routh_Horwitz.m

University Of Mahshahr

only for "Mir hossein moussavi"

created by amin heidari


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Yair Altman  Email:

01/02/2010  13:50

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