DSP/BIOS Stack Questions

Started by Randy Yates May 21, 2010
Note that Mariana, from TI, posted some pretty good answers to these
questions on the TI E2E forum:


Randy Yates <> writes:

> a. The javascript bios.MEM object (in the .tcf file) has a "global > stack" that can be manipulated with bios.MEM.STACKSIZE and > bios.MEM.STACKSEG. What is the "global stack" used for? > > b. Where does the C compiler stack get initialized prior to main()? > > c. Tasks (and probably other threads) have their own stacks, but > what stack does DSP/BIOS use for it's own execution? For example, > inside a TSK_switch() call, there must be a "system" stack - where > does this stack reside and what sets its size? > > d. From which heap or stack does DSP/BIOS take memory from for > dynamically-created objects, such as semaphores and tasks? > > This is DSP/BIOS 5.33.06 under CCS 3.3 SR 11. > > --Randy
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