Fair comparison between time domain equalizer and OFDM

Started by cpshah99 July 16, 2010
> >It is probably not the source of your errors, but you wrote that you >are performing an MMSE equalization while the formula you post is >essentially a zero-forcing (ZF) equalizer. It has been a few years >since I dealt with this topic but shouldn't the MMSE equalizer (which >in my understanding should be a Winer-Filter) be something like >Y(f) = (conj(H(f)))/((abs(H(f))).^2+(1/SNR)) >There should be difference in performance for low SNR. > >Greetz, >Sebastian >
Hi Sebastian my mistake that i wrote ZF but when i did simulation of OFDM, there is no difference between ZF and MMSE in OFDM. Thanks. Chintan