Sample data log code for DSP?

Started by aojkim August 9, 2010
I already apologized for using abbreviations. I did not know there were
sites like this where full spellings were required. Let's not rub it in.

You tell me, when you'are at a picnic, and someone asks you directions, do
you reply to him or her rude like that? Or do you try to at least make them
understand, if they said they know nothing about the area?

> >You may be on a web portal, but this is USENET. > >And, if you look at your keyboard, you will note that there are over 100 >keys there, to help you spell each word out completely. Moreover, there >is no limit to the amount of text you can type in before you hit "send". > Thus, the only motivation to use abbreviations is for your own >convenience, at the expense of those from whom you wish to solicit free >advise. > >Tell me -- when you're at a picnic, do you walk up to the guy at the >grill, kick him in the shins and demand a burger? Or do you at least >smile at him when you hold out your plate? > >-- > >Tim Wescott >Wescott Design Services > > >Do you need to implement control loops in software? >"Applied Control Theory for Embedded Systems" was written for you. >See details at >
I don't think I should say thank you when I get rude responses, especially
after I have explained that I know nothing about the subject.
Thanks a lot for your response though. At least you told me some basic,
background information, unlike first few responses did.

> >Getting a response is a privilege and not a right..... Folks have to be >interested enough in your situation to be motivated, etc. So, that some >one in particular didn't provide a response is certainly no reason to >chide them. In fact, it's rude. Jerry was giving you good advice as an >aside. If you pay attention to what he said then you'll benefit. Be >willing to learn from this. "Thank you" never hurts..... > >If I had a ready answer to your question then I'd likely have responded >had I been around when you posted. As it stands, you got some good >input - even though *I* can't find the code referenced in Richard's post >at DataRAM. Or, did you expect for everyone lurking to post: "Gee >sorry, I don't know" just to report in to you? > >Sometimes it really helps to talk around the subject. John's comment >was particularly pertinent. Taking that as a lead, I looked into the >P25M a bit: > >It appears that the Pismo tools would be a step in the right direction: > >and the product documentation is there also. > >Here you have a programmable PCI board. I used to develop these things. > It's not uncomplicated because you have to do two or three things: >1) you have to have code for the board to run your app. >2) You need to have code on the PC to load the code on the board. >2) you have to have code for the PC to run your app. >So, I'd say that you need TWO sets of example code and some tools to >make it make sense. > >Fred >
Give that document to someone who knows nothing about dsp(me, as I have
stated) and ask him if he understands anything. I've read that about 10
times. And all the links when I click on your link is red, which means I
have read them.

Is it that hard to understand that I have spent three days googling and
searching, but I cannot understand anything, so I have come here to ask for
a simple explanation of how to do it instead of language I can't

> >Bet he never looked at links in first hit on >"Innovative+Integration" > >You know the ones containing "Datasheet" and "Documentation", >among others :< > > >
On 8/11/2010 6:07 PM, aojkim wrote:
> If you didn't know anything about the board you shouldn't have written > anything in the first place. I told you I googled it for three days and > still can't find it. I don't see where you got your manner, pretending to > help someone when you know nothing about it. > > >> I didn't answer you because I know nothing about the board. (Does it >> stand alone? Does it plug into a mother board?) Google would have told >> me, but you could have too. The rest is just a matter of manners and >> the social norms expected here.
I offered no help about your problem. I advised you how best to communicate here on comp.dsp. Jerry -- Engineering is the art of making what you want from things you can get. &#2013266095;&#2013266095;&#2013266095;&#2013266095;&#2013266095;&#2013266095;&#2013266095;&#2013266095;&#2013266095;&#2013266095;&#2013266095;&#2013266095;&#2013266095;&#2013266095;&#2013266095;&#2013266095;&#2013266095;&#2013266095;&#2013266095;&#2013266095;&#2013266095;&#2013266095;&#2013266095;&#2013266095;&#2013266095;&#2013266095;&#2013266095;&#2013266095;&#2013266095;&#2013266095;&#2013266095;&#2013266095;&#2013266095;&#2013266095;&#2013266095;&#2013266095;&#2013266095;&#2013266095;&#2013266095;&#2013266095;&#2013266095;&#2013266095;&#2013266095;&#2013266095;&#2013266095;&#2013266095;&#2013266095;&#2013266095;&#2013266095;&#2013266095;&#2013266095;&#2013266095;&#2013266095;&#2013266095;&#2013266095;&#2013266095;&#2013266095;&#2013266095;&#2013266095;&#2013266095;&#2013266095;&#2013266095;&#2013266095;&#2013266095;&#2013266095;&#2013266095;&#2013266095;&#2013266095;&#2013266095;&#2013266095;&#2013266095;
"Tim Wescott" <> wrote in message
> On 08/09/2010 04:39 PM, aojkim wrote: >> Hello, >> >> I am an intern for a lab, and I recently installed P25M from Innovative >> Integration on a pc. >> I was told to use Octave, which I found easily. >> My next step, however, is this: >> "Get a sample code for data logging using DSP" >> >> I AM STARTING COMPLETELY FROM SCRACTH. >> PLEASE HELP ME. >> >> Answers such as "read a book first," "read basics first" will not help >> because I was told to "get a sample code," not learn about DSP. >> >> If anyone could help me, it would be really really appreciated. >> Thanks in advance.
I suppose you are asked to do the datalogging with the DSP(s) on the card that you recently installed. If so, what if you try first to contact the people from Innovative Integration, and ask for some sample code? Maybe what you are looking for is directly in the board documentation/drivers/examples etc. Regards, JaaC