Transition States for K = 7 viterbi decoder

Started by ahmsa474 December 20, 2010

I need to know output of convolutional encoder for K = 7 means (6 memory
elements), output with corresponding (transition) states. I could found
this for K = 3 (means 2 memory elements) with 4 states and 4 different
outputs and in other way 8 possible outputs which are written on arrows
leading from one stage of trellis to another trellis stage. Its dimension
should be 64 x 2 which means 64 rows and 2 columns. In other words, I want
to see/create one complete trellis stage (64 states) with corresponding
I need to know this because I want to calculate Euclidean distance of these
outputs and received values.
By using polynomial description, I know its possible to calculate output or
next states etc but it's a very lengthy process.

I have seen Matlab's function "poly2trellis" but "trellis.outputs" is also
not useful for me.
Please help me if anyone can. Thank you in advance.