Started by dyno_move January 30, 2011
Hello All.

I am going to be honest from the start and inform you that this is to
assist with my final project for my degree.

I am building an audio spectrum analyser using a C6711 DSK prototype

I plan to complete the program and debugging using simulink and realtime
workshop. I have started with a few simple programs to get me started;
however looking forward need to sus out how I can display the final data on
an LCD

I have looked through the DSP related site and have found a few similar
threads, which I have read and studied, however still not 100% sure.

I have purchased a proto type board to gain access to the 80 pin

So I have a few questions which I could really do with some help with

1. Can I interface a 128*64 LCD display with the DSK C6711?

2. If so there are few options? Serial or parallel? I was firstly thinking
of a parallel LCD module requiring 10 or so digital signals using EMIF.
Secondly could use the serial connection on the McBSP. 

3. Which would be the best way, time and coding?

4. When coding the display, could this be done in simulink or would I have
to complete in CCS after completing the simulink signal work.

5. I have heard people talk of the LCD refresh being to slow for the DSP,
is this true, although realtime is key to the project, i would be ok if
there was a small delay for the display module.

Thanks very much for you assistance in advance. Look forward to any reply
which I may receive.

Duncan Mills