Question on fractionally spaced equalizer.

Started by philgo September 13, 2011
Hi there,

I am working with T/2 fractionally spaced equalizer. Here is what I am
thinking about the problem.

Suppose my even phase channel is h_e[n] of 10 taps 
    and my odd  phase channel is h_o[n] of 10 taps as well.

Then, my even phase equalizer is g_e[n] of, let's say, 20 taps
  and my odd  phase equalizer is g_o[n] of 20 taps as well.

For simplicity, let's say the equalizer g_e[n] is obtained from h_e[n]
using the MMSE criterion, and g_o[n] is obtained from h_o[n] using the MMSE

So, the even phase combined channel is h_e convolved with g_e, and
    the odd  phase combined channel is h_o convolved with g_o.

Is there any problem with my T/2 spaced equalizer?

Also, I think I can treat my T/2 spaced equalizer as a 2-receive-antenna
equalizer with receive diversity (only that the two receive antennas are
correlated). So, I expect T/2 spaced equalizer should have performance
1) better than T spaced equalizer with a single receive antenna
2) worse than T spaced equalizer with 2 receive antennas

Is it right?

Thanks. If you can also point to me some good reference, it is greatly