Choice of digital signal processor

Started by Senfkuchen October 6, 2011

I have a problem finding the right DSP for my purposes. The Situation is
that I have a dspace System for analyzing and influencing the Power Quality
of the current Grid(harmonics). The System does its job but the results are
improvable. Due to reasons of quantization Noise and Antialias I need a
System with ADC that have 24 bits resolution and at least 100 khz sample
rate. I need 4 channels of these high resolution ADC. The Inputs should be
differential, not single-ended. I calculate the harmonics from the ADC
input by using Filters, PLL and FFT. The results shall be sent to the
existing dspace system. unfortunately the system does only have an
asynchronous serial Communication Interface(rs232,rs422,rs485). My Internet
Search leads me to Audio specific DSP as c6713. I cant figure out if they
are the right Choice. I do not really understand the Terms as MCASP and
cant find the resolution. It sounds to me there are codecs used which do
some coding of the input which is not my desire. I need the rare pcm

The DSP should be in an Evaluation Environment which makes fast Development
possible. Programming is supposed to be done from scratch in c or with some
fundamental DSP Bios and similar.

The ti Site is annoying. In former times there was the parameter ADC in the
DSP Overwiews but it has dissolved. Additionally the site doesn't work
corrcetly at the moment(in germany).

Any suggestions?

thanks in advance Senfkuchen