Re: Theoretically Highest Quality of PCM Audio

Started by Bob Cain November 22, 2003

BobGardner wrote:
> > > > >If I am given a 16-bit fixed-point number of uniform quantization, I > >can surely say that the maximum theoritic dynamic range I can get is > >96.329 dB > > Minor quibble... 96 dB is 6 dB per bit for 16 bits...the max signal is really > +-32767 or +-15 bits, right? so its 90dB....
Ah, but the largest signal swing is {32767,-32768} and the smallest is {0,1}. The range is thus 65535/1 or 96.33 dB. Bob -- "Things should be described as simply as possible, but no simpler." A. Einstein