Re: Sampling Theorem and the input S/H, sampling aperture, outputZero Order Hold

Started by Unknown November 28, 2004

Can you either stop intentially re-arranging the letters and spacings
in the subject line of these posts ... or if it's unintentional, fix
your usenet posting application so it stops doing so?  It's a little
disorientating to have a thread breaking off into 5 or 6 different
permutations within the group ( appears to be localized to each of
your replies ).



jim <"N0sp"> wrote:

> > >robert bristow-johnson wrote: >> other than the gain getting smaller and smaller, the >> only other effect is to reduce this aperture effect to get closer and closer >> to sampling at the ideal instance. > >This is not true. Even a wide aperture samples just as closely or >possibly even closer to the ideal instance. The regularity and >self-similarity of each acquisition is what effects the capability for >sampling at the ideal instance not the measure of time over which the >sample is acquired as you claim . > >-jim
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