Digital Power Control

Started by Rob Gaddi September 21, 2015
Rob Gaddi <rgaddi@technologyhighland.invalid> writes:

> On Wed, 23 Sep 2015 20:21:33 -0400, Randy Yates wrote: > >> Rob Gaddi <rgaddi@technologyhighland.invalid> writes: >> >>> Got an application coming up for a high-efficiency, multikilowatt >>> polyphase power supply that needs scarily fast responses to external >>> requests. I'm thinking about maybe throwing a C2000 at the problem. >>> It could really simplify keeping my phases in alignment and getting the >>> feedforward through all the paths to match. >>> >>> TI sure makes it look easy, almost as if it's their job to do so. >>> Anyone got any stories to share from that war? >> >> PS: Rob, are you considering using GaN devices? Aren't they known >> (basically) for their low on-resistance and high switching rates? > > We gave it some thought, but for a 1 MHz sort of switch rate silicon's > still fine. We've done some experiments with GaN in the far distant > past, but found it to be easy to damage. Plus any time I can leave > exotica off the BOM I'm happier. > > Granted that was all before TI got into the game which definitely changes > things. Again, we didn't get particularly far into this process before > it changed direction.
Interesting to hear anyway of your thought processes. Thanks. -- Randy Yates Digital Signal Labs