XDS510PP Connection Problem

Started by Xiaohu April 21, 2005
Hi All,

I got the following message when I used SDConfig to verify the
connection between the emulator and our control board. My host PC is
Windows XP.

** Checking for a valid emulator/eZdsp

  >> Could not read the product id from the emulator/eZdsp.

  >> Check the following
  >> - Power is applied to the emulator/eZdsp
  >> - EmuPortAddr is set properly in sdopts.cfg
  >> - Used EmuPortAddr=0x378
  >> - Used EmuPortMode=SPP8

If I used the other Windows 2000 PC as host, with the same emulator and
control board, I passed the verification and read the product id back.

Can anyone help?


Hi Xiaohu,

I had similar problem. I found out that my XDS510PP (not XDS510pp+)
does NOT work on P4 (celeron or ordinary) machines, regardles of OS
installed. I thought it was drivers, but then a friend of mine check
his XDS510PP on my P4 machine and it worked fine. So the only option is
to use XDS510PP on older machines (P3 with XP). Now that I am thinking
about it, I should also try if it works on moderen AMD machines. If you
find anything please report

Good luck

Mitja Nemec