CCStudio fatal error OCS during connection

Started by eeh April 21, 2005

Recently a DSP project is assigned to me which uses one TMS320C6711 DSP
chip to do filtering work. However, a problem is encountered which
makes me very trouble when connect the target board to CCS.

The emulator I used is XDS510PP plus from Spectrum Digital. SDConfig
can detect there is one JTAG device in the target side. Then I setup
the CCS to use sdgo6x driver. But a fatal error is raised during
launching the CCS 2.0.

The error detail is:

"Fatal error during: OSC, ... An unknown error prevented the emulator
from accessing the processor in a timely fashion."

I have searched posts in google and found some advices such as holding
the reset button during reset, and trying to use other lower version
driver drom spectrum digital. But doing these makes no help.

Could anyone kindly give me some advices?


Besides, what is the exact meaning of OCS?