Produce Audio Sound via Inverse FFT on Spectral Data

Started by louis June 13, 2005
Okay tahnk you eveyrone for your responses;

I've been trying to figure out if the  signal I'm trying to synthesize
would be symmetric in any way, even, or odd. I know I'm trying to create a
'real' signal.. (I think.. the whole real vs imag. concept is still
confusing for me in practice, thought I've done plenty of reading on it)

So I have the code that performs an FFT on an audio file I have which
plays the type of sound I am trying to simulate. I output all 1024 real
and imag values after doing the FFT at a couple of time points and look
through these values to see if I can find a pattern (i.e. real , even odd

So the FFT produces a complex output, both real and imaginaries are
nonzero, but theere is no symmetrical pattern that I can see? 

The reason I want to know this is I thought that maybe I can input my
spectral values into my inverse FFT in such a way to trick it into
thinking it was say real and even, and then the inverse FFT would produce
the correct output (I thought this might be a way to get around teh fact
that i have no phase info?)

Do you think this could make sense?
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