OFDM BER Measure

Started by enginm June 21, 2005

Does anyone know how to estimate the BER of a Viterbi decoder when 
p = |H|^2 * |r-x|^2 is used as the decision metric ? 

Thanks for your cooperation. 


|H|^2 = Channel's kth coefficient in frequency domain
r = received symbol
x = transmitted symbol

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Hello Engin,

The Viterbi algo uses a least cost metric and this corresponds quite
well to the bit error rate. In some implementations, it is twice the
number of flawed bits. If you are using a soft  metric it is still
reasonably good. I'm not sure why you are mixing frequnecy and
temporally based values for your metric though. Are you trying to say
your data went through a matched filter or an echo canceller before
applying the Viterbi process?