Need help on Audio input in TMS 5416 DSK

Started by Dijo John July 5, 2005
I initialised the McBSP registers except the SRGR. didn't initialise
the codec(the default settings seemed fine)

I am not getting the RRDY signal even after giving the line out of my
PC to the line in in the kit.

Could anyone help?

I COULD access the registers from C by directly specifying the
address.... (SUB ADDRESSING)

#define SPCR 0x0000
#define SPSA 0x0038 // FOR McBSP2
#define SPSD 0x0039

*(unsigned volatile int*)SPSA = SPCR;
*(unsigned volatile int*)SPSD = VALUE TO WHICH SPCR IS TO BE

Anything wrong in this method?

That method seems fine to me.

Here's the things I usually ask myself when I have McBSP problems:

Are you sure it's set for external clock and frame syncs?
Are you sure you're using the right port?
Did you take the port out of reset?
Did you re-check each bit in each register?



does "take the port out of reset" mean enabling the Tx And Rx?