MPEG4, MPEG2 and MP3 on DM642

Started by Alex Raimondi July 12, 2005

I need to build a video capture card that has the following features:

- MPEG4 or MPEG2 video encoder (config at boot time, MPEG4 & MPEG2 not 
running at the same time)
- MP3 (audio encoder)
- three video streams. One D1 stream and two cif or reduced fps streams 
at the same time
- data output through PCI interface

Anyone with experience with MPEG2/2 & MP3 encoders:
What (commercial or free libs) are available? Which one is recommended?

Thanks for any hints or links.

Hi Alex,

Yes, I'm sure you can do this on at least a 600 MHz DM642. W&W
and Ingenient both have licensable software along these lines.

--Randy Yates