Failed to load program on target board

Started by Sulochana September 20, 2005
I am trying to start to use the DSP/BIOS for my application. I have a
non-BIOS application that loads fine on the target with my custom .cmd
file. But when I try to write a very simple program using DSP/BIOS, I see
the following error when I try to "Load Program" 

Data Verification failed at address 0xFF80
Please verify target memory and memory map.

I have looked at the .cmd file and the memory map etc but I do not see
anything obviously wrong. 

I would really appreciate it if anybody has any pointers as to what else I
can look at. I will really appreciate any help.


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I too have run into this,  very annoying, error message.  Off the top
of my head, I know of two things that cause this message.  The first
possibility that comes to mind is attempting to place initialized data
in an area other than RAM (asssuming you are working with an emulator).
 The second possibility, I have run into this one personally, is
attempting to load a program into FLASH using the "Load Program"
command.  This command will successfully load a program only into RAM

I would suggest that a good way to start figuring out the problem is to
back up a step and see if one of TI's sample projects for the BIOS
works correctly.  BIOS applications generate a number of files that
must be included in the project including a linker CMD file.  If you
need to specify additional linker commands, simply include the
additional CMD files.

Once you are able to get a "known good" sample program working, you can
start making changes, one at a time, until you figure out where the
problem is occuring.

Based on your description, without knowledge of your application, the
memory map, target processor, development environment, etc, I suspect
that there is a strong possibility that one or more BIOS required files
are missing.  Again, the sample projects are helpfull here.  You should
be able to find a link to them under the product page for your
processor on TI's website.