Started by Ben Bradley October 4, 2005
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On Mon, 03 Oct 2005 17:30:43 -0400, Jerry Avins <> wrote:

>Arny Krueger wrote: >> "Don Pearce" <> wrote in message > > ... > >>>>It would sound like noise. >>> >>>Indeed if it didn't sound like noise, I would be sending >>>the codec back to the writer for a better try. >> >> >> AFAIK MP3 coders are block-oriented, so their output data is >> a tiny less than perfectly random. > >Picky, picky! Did anyone say *random* noise? :-)
FWIW (probably nothing to some of these newsgroups), I (out of curiosity) just opened an MP3 file as a raw 16/44 stereo PCM file in Cool Edit and played it. It sounds like noise with no discernable 'pattern' or 'beat' that would indicate blocks to me. So it's for at least some practical purposes it's "random enough."
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