McBSP problem on F2812

Started by yoyo November 17, 2005

 I ve been using McBSP bus for communication bewteen several DSP.
One is master and provides the clock for Transmission adn reception to the
other boards.
For the reception, I used interruption generation when XRDY is dectected.
For the transmission i don t use interruption.

All the DSP are in reception status .
The master address the 1st DSP , and wiat ofr the answer (Transmission
lineis in high impedance).
Then the 2nd then the 3rd....

Each time a DSP is answering, it provides its own frame syncrhonisation
So when the master receives, it receives the FSX from the slave DSp.

So what i noticed is that when there is a jitter on reception of FSX
(received by the Master), the word is missed (no interruption is
This jitter can be provided by the DSP activities (the sender of the
The datasheet indicates that it should no be a problem.

Is someone had the same pb?

I haven't used the 2812 McBSP myself but a colleague of mine had a lot
of problems interfacing it to a 2 channel ADC. It's like the McBSP
sometimes seems to loose synchronisation while receiving data.