Mathworks Embedded Target for TI C2000 DSP

Started by vickykulkarni January 3, 2006

I am using the ezdsp F2812. I am thinking of purchasing Matlab's embedded
target for TIC2000. My application involves using the GPIOs, SPI, McBSP,
ADC as well as implementing FFT, filtering & other DSP algorithms. How
helpful is this for code generation? Is it really worth buying it? I am
sure someone on this group must have used it. Thanks. 


I too am using the F2812, but I have NOT used Matlab's package.
Admittedly, the primary reason is that I don't have Matlab and I can't
see my boss being willing to spring for it.  I have used a program
called Octave, which is freely available and pretty much Matlab
compatible.  With Octave, I have been able to generate the
co-efficients for FIR and IIR filters, verify the freq response, etc.

As far as the other stuff, GPIO, SPI, ADC, etc, there is an extreme
amount of very good documentation with examples that show how to
implement these features in the processor.  These items are available
for download from the product folder on Ti's webpage.

There is a little bit of a learning curve when you first start out,
along the lines of "Ok, this is nice, but how do I get started".  Once
this is passed, usually in a couple of weeks, the processor is
surprisingly easy to work with and I believe the development tools
(CCS) to be very powerfull and sophisticated.

Unless you are really lost, or aren't able to do what you need to with
free tools and are certain that Matlab would give you the solution, I
can't say as I see any reason why it would be worth the money.  There
were a few times, when I started working with digital filters that I
wished I had it, but once I understood what I was doing, I didn't feel
that I needed it anymore.

Thanks for your response. Yours is the 3rd response i have got about this
topic. And all 3 have given me a negative feedback about the embedded
target. Thanks again.