Reed solomon Berlekemp massey algorithm

Started by mavricks_009 January 26, 2006
I am designing a reed solomon decoder encoder in verilog. while designing
I was unable to calculate delta using Berlekmp massey algorithm.  It will
be great help if you can give me some hint.

delta(k) = syndrome(k) - sumation( lambda(k-1) * syndrome(k -i)

lambda is something like zx^3+ ax2+ bx+1 
syndrome is y
by solving this suppose we get
the delta = k.

if we multiply lambda with syndrome we should get some equation of the x^3
how that is reduced to just single k. 

for ex you can look at this link


Do you use Matlab?

I have implemented the algorithms given in the links in Matlab, using
the communication toolbox.

I can give you the source code if you are interested.