TMS320C6713/RCM3000 Rabbitcore communnication

Started by olubern January 30, 2006

I'm working on a project that involves a DSP/microprocessor 

I have the RCM3000 RabbitCore (Development Kit). The Auxiliary I/O Bus 
has 8 data and 6 address (shared with I/O), plus I/O Read-Write. I'm 
trying to configure the C6713 DSP external memory interface(EMIF) to think
that the microprocessor is an asynchronous memory.  In this way, I could
tie the CE2 or CE3 pin to an interruptible microprocessor pin.This way,
the DSP could interrupt the microprocessor whenever it wants to transmit
data. I haven't used the Rabbit processor before, but it's perfect for
what I'm working on because it has an ethernet capabiity.

I'm planning to use the rabbit microprocessor, to continoulsy accept 
the data processed by the DSP and update a webpage through ethernet.

Is is possible for me to configure the rabbit processor auxiliary I/O 
bus as an asynchronous memory. If possible how do I go about doing this?
Any example source code will help a lot.

Thanks, Bernard.