Help: checking/selecting DSP/BIOS version, TI CCS 3.10 PE EVAL doesn't appear in Component Manager

Started by dafty February 19, 2006
Hi all,

I've recently installed the "Code Composer Studio Platinum v3.10
120-day Free Evaluation" from Texas Instruments
(, which I
hope to use with my 'C6713 DSK from Spectrum Digital (Board Rev. 2,  I need to check for and select the version
of DSP/BIOS that I need to use with my application, which I've been
told I can do using the Component Manager that comes with the software.
 However, when I run Component Manager, my CCS 3.10 PE EVAL does NOT
show up as an installed IDE.  Has anyone else experienced this error?
Could it result from the fact that I'm using an evaluation version of
the tools?

Alternatively, is there any other way to check and select DSP/BIOS
version (without using Component Manager)?

Any assistance *greatly* appreciated.

Sincerely, rjc.
Ryan Cassidy
Electrical Engineering PhD Candidate, CCRMA Researcher
Stanford University

The only place where I know of to select which version of BIOS you are
using is in the component manager.

To be sure that you are looking in the correct place for it, start CCS.
 Go to the help menu and then select About.  Component manager is
located there.  I don't recall having seen it any where else, such as
directly off a menu or as part of the programs group from the start