Wireless Home Video/Audio Component Interfaces

Started by Randy Yates March 18, 2006

This is a survey question. What devices/technology is currently
available to a designer for implementing wireless interfaces? For
example, if I wanted to implement a wireless DVD player that transmits
the decoded video and audio streams to a TV and/or audio receiver
system, what sort of technology is available to me today? (Assuming
the TV also had such an interface...)

For example, I've heard that there is a wireless PHY for USB.  What
about other wireless PHYs for standards (Firewire, etc)? 

What about non-standard wireless interfaces? E.g., is there something
that would give me a raw XYZ bit/second interface over air that I
could build my own (probably simple) protocol/format with?

Thanks for any information you can provide. I know Google is my
friend, but sometimes I feel that firehose of information confuses me
more than helps. I need to sort out the technologies in a hierarchical
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