Will Bittware Board supports DMA Transfer from Host

Started by Sithick March 29, 2006
 I am working with Bitware's Hammehead Lite PCI Board in which I have to
transfer data to/fro Board and PC.I am using Diag21k 7.31 utility
tools(HIL Library fns) to interact with Board.I am trying to transfer data
b/w PC and board using DMAs.While Intialising DMA i am calling the
following function

interruptf(SIG_IRQ0, sf_isr);

where sf_isr is a function which makes dma_done variable to high after
completing DMA transfer.

after calling dma transfer fns I am checking for dma_done variable to made
high from PC Side but it is not get made high.the above mentioned interrupt
handler function not working properly or is there any jumper  changes  to
made in my board to make DMA transfer..or will HLPC Board supports DMA

Waiting for replies

Thanks in Advance

Sithick H