about dsp/bios program

Started by Unknown April 21, 2006
good morning ,everyone.Have a good night,don't you? I hope so.
i have some questions about dsp/bios program,which are that:
when i use the dsp/bios to program the MCBSP,do i need to explictly
initialize my MCBSP and the CPU set. i have found somes do the MCBSP
and CPU initialization explictly,while others do  that with only the
CSL_init() and CSL_cfgInit(). I think the latter is right,because with
the DSP/BIOS configration i have set my MCBSP registers value.but i
don't check my idea,for that there is always other error message when i
try these in CCS.
another question is that : the DSP/BIOS have its own datastructure
declarations,i.e,Void,Uns,Int and so on,when i check the header files,i
find these are the typedef declarations for void ,unsigned,and int.so
my puzzle is that:must i need  use the Void,Uns and Int ones?
the last one is about the header files: when i use the dsp/bios ,what
header files do i need to declare in the head?For example,when i don't
use the CLK,do i need to add the <clk.h> file?
Any suggestions or tip messages are appreciated.

after somedays learning,i have found the answer,and some other
best wishes for all of us!