question about dsp/bios configration

Started by Unknown April 24, 2006
Hey ,everyone.I am studying the TIDSP.what i am using is the
TMS302C5410.the software version is code composer studio 3.1.when i
creat a new configration file,i find that the MCBSP setting has
Advanced A,and Advanced B. i think that the mcbsp registers likes the
SPCR1,SPCR2,RCR1,RCR2 and so on ,have been set in the figure .Need i
set the Advanced A and Advanced B ?
In the Advanced A ,there are SPCR1,SPCR2,RCR1 and  other mcbsp
I puzzled. I hope someone may give me some explanations or some
the procedure to enter to the dsp/bios configration follows:
File---->new dsp/bios configration----->chip support libray----->mcbsp

In the end ,i have found that the settings in the MCBSP configration
have been collected in the advanced A and advanced B.In other words,you
can directly set the mcbsp registers through configring the advanced A
and advanced B.Different ways lead to the same destination.
best wishes for all of us!hehe