Started by Srikanth April 24, 2006
Hello All,
This is regarding the DMA Initialization Problem I am facing in C6416
I need to transfer 2 frames of 10 elements from DMA to Serial Port
Transmit Register(DXR) and the
Transmitter empty event from the Serial Port is the synchronization
event for the DMA.
The DMA is element synchronized, and as far as I understand, the end of
Transfer interrupt should come
as soon as the DMA Transfers 20 elements i.e (2 Frames of 10 elements
each). But I am not getting, instead if I do
frame synchronization, end of transfer element comes but only the last
element is transferred to the Serial Port.
The settings of the Serial Port is
1) Frame Transmit  Length is 10
2) Transmit word length is 32 bit.
3) The clock setting is such that I am getting 1 MHz output clock.

If I have missed out any settings , please do let me know. I think
there should be some problem with the
DMA Settings.
Waiting for your response at the earliest,
Thanks in advance,