A distance-dependent frequency scaling effect multiplying the Shannon bound

Started by Unknown April 25, 2006
I had recently announced, in sci.astro on 2006.03.12, about my March
APS Meeting presentation of a mundane Hubble-like frequency scaling
effect arising purely from receiver (sampling) clock variation - just
as if the universe was slowing down or speeding up relative to the
receiver. This was after multiple favourable reviews in signal
processing and radar at IEEE conferences in 2005, since the effect in
principle allows the Shannon capacity of any physical channel to be
multiplied by a large number.

This is to report "successful simulation" of the effect at up to
terahertz frequencies and the earth-moon distance scale  - see for the Java
simulator applet. (The applet doesn't always initialize correctly -
partly due to applet caching at the browser, but the page explains what
values to put in and the knobs to twiddle.) The limit is evidently
computational due to the double precision implementation of the Java
math library - with quad precision, I believe visible light frequencies
and true cosmological scale distances can be similarly simulated. The
exercise looks successful in that the only changes from ordinary DFT
are exponential sampling and artificial line broadening - neither of
which depends on nor supplies the source distance information to
explain the clear, distance-proportional scaling of the spectra (do
feel free to twiddle - in particular, turn off summing - Sigma - button
bottom left and cycle through the source selection - F - at top left -
it's fun to literally "Walk the Spectrum" this way!). The core theory
is straightforward, as explained at the top of . The peer-reviewed
publication references are given on the site, and a detailed first
patent application has been published Jan 12th by the US PTO.

At this point, my youngest inspirations, the cosmological redshift and
acceleration and an apparent connection to residual instrument creep as
also explained on the simulation page, should be less interesting than
the broader result that we do seem to have a neat new wave effect to
play with and enjoy down here on earth. I'm still exploring ways to
rigorously validate physical existence of the effect and would welcome
help or pointers for this or towards further development.

email: if the universe was slowing down or speeding up relative to the


But the receiver is part of the Universe.