TMS320VC5502 SDRAM boot

Started by itabhiyanta May 18, 2006

I have been working with a 5502EVM board and CCS3.1 as teh software tool.

I want to place my code in SDRAM(and run it from there i.e. boot from
flash, booloader copies code into SDRAM and places the entry point at
start of sdram) and have been facing problems with the same. I create a
new module in the DSP/BIOS GUI config and gave it's base 0x8000 and length
as 0x200000.

It seems to do nothing also i get no waveform on the scope either. I have
checked the GEL it seems to be fine.

Also the same thing if i try to do in 5510DSK board then it works.

Is this the problme with bios or some bug in software or in my

It will be great if someone who might have worked with 5502 can share
theri experience with 5502.