Doubt on wiener filter implementation.

Started by yajn...@gmail.com May 22, 2006
I am currently working on a speech enhancement project. I am
implementing a noise cancellation  system using Wiener filter.
>From what I read in the text books and from the net , I got the
transfer function for the filter as h(f) = {psd(noisySignal) - psd(noiseSignal) } / psd(noisySignal). I implemented this in matlab ,but the result was a highly distorted signal. I have given my procedure, pls suggest me the right way of doing it, Assumption:First few samples are from pure noise segment. noise = noise.* hamming(FFT_SIZE)'; FN = fft(noise,FFT_SIZE); %FFT psdN = (FN.*conj(FN)); % psd of noise. signal = signal.*hamming(FFT_SIZE)'; FS = fft(signal,FFT_SIZE); %/FFT psdS = (FS.*conj(FS)); numrtr = psdS.-psdN; denmntr = psdS; coef = numrtr./denmntr; % filter TF % filtering outF = FS.*coef; out = ifft(outF,FFT_SIZE); output = real(out); Thanks in Advance, Yajna.