DSP based wireless emulator with daughter card ?

Started by Arthur June 23, 2006
Dear All,

I plan to implement an wireless emulator for video transmission. The
emulator will be real time like normal TV viewing. My rough idea is

video to PC --> DSP --> ethernet daughter card --> ethernet --> another
PC for viewing video

where the DSP (like C6713) emulates the wireless channel & calculate
SNR & map it to BLER from pre simulater link level curves & corrupts
video data before putting it onto ethernet daughter card (100BaseTx
Ethernet DSK Daughter Card). The reason for using DSP is that I found
that, from my pass experience developing wireless simulator, the
wireless channel generation is the most computation demanding part,
hence the choice for using DSP.

My question is:
1. The idea is preliminary, and do you think it is viable ?
2. Can DSP achieves throughput of of at least  15-20 Mb/s ?
3. Is there any better suggestion than the current configuration ?

Many Thanks.