Superposition of Signal from three equiphase sources peturbed by Gaussian noise

Started by AdamT June 28, 2006
Hi all,

This is my first post on here, so please forgive me for any mistakes I

Currently I'm working with simulating a system consisting of a three radar
horns mounted on a spherical back-plane, with an observation point placed
at the focus. What I'm looking at is simulating the effect of Gaussian
noise, which is being radiated from the horns with the orignal signal, on
the direction of the phase front normal, which is derived from the
superpositioned signal from all three horns arriving at the observation

The method that i've attempted to do this with is to take the grad of the
formula for the total phase at the observation point, then using that to
build the vector for the phase front normal.

I represented the noise as a complex vector, which I vectorally added to
the 0 phase signal, from which I got the total amplitude and resultant
phase. However, when I place these values into the equation for the grad
and use a monte carlo method to build up a data sat, the resultant
histogram is a very strange shape.

I've been suggested to confirm my formula with a four point inteference
method around the observation point to get the azimuth and elevation of
the phase front normal, but I'm a bit unsure how to construct a model for

Any thoughts on this would be really appreciated.